Off the Record-Jordan Morgan

Richard Mead-Ferris State Torch

-Off the Record is Richard Mead’s Q&A column where he features one particular athlete, getting each one to open up on various topics.

Q: First off, how did you first get involved with foot­ball?
A: I remem­ber grow­ing up and play­ing catch in the back­yard with my dad and brother all the time, and then fifth grade came around and my school offered foot­ball, so my brother and I jumped at the chance.

Q: At what point did you know you wanted to play foot­ball pro­fes­sion­ally?
A: I think it’s a dream of any kid grow­ing up. It was a dream for a while, but it became a goal once I got a chance to play col­lege football.

Q: Who was your biggest NFL influ­ence grow­ing up?
A: Being from Chicago, I grew up lov­ing the Bears defense and how intense they always are.

Q: Mike Singletary or Brian Urlacher?
A: Brian Urlacher is more my time, but they were both great players.

Q: You had 10.5 sacks last year; did you see your­self being that suc­cess­ful in your senior year?
A: Absolutely. I had a goal to have at least one sack a game this year, and I only fell half a sack short. I had no doubt in my mind that it was a real­is­tic goal.

Q: Do you try to beat an offen­sive line­man with your speed or bull rush them and beat them with your strength?
A: Speed first. Make them fear the speed so when they try to bail and catch the speed rush, you can then bull rush and then they are com­pletely off balance.

Q: Have you attended any pro days or team work­outs?
A: I went to the pro day at Grand Valley, and this past Monday (April 8), I had a work­out with a scout from the Buffalo Bills here at Ferris.

Q: OK, let’s ven­ture away from foot­ball. What’s your best mem­ory from Ferris?
A: Just hang­ing out with the great friends I’ve made since I’ve been here.

Q: Favorite sport other than foot­ball?
A: I love watch­ing track.

Q: Track? Running or field events?
A: Running for sure. The 400 and the 4×400 are awesome.

Q: What’s the one thing most peo­ple wouldn’t know about you?
A: A lot of peo­ple don’t know I have a twin brother.

Q: Really? Do you guys have a lot in com­mon?
A: Yeah, we both love sports and played col­lege foot­ball. He played at Western Illinois University.

Q: What is your guilty plea­sure?
A: A lit­tle embar­rass­ing, but I am a big fan of the TV show “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Q: My girl­friend lit­er­ally just jumped out of her chair and said she now loves you, home-wrecker.
A: I’m sorry, man.

Q: What would we find on your Netflix top 10?
A: “How I Met Your Mother.” I watched six sea­sons in about a week, but other than that, prob­a­bly a bunch of ran­dom movies.

Q: What’s you pregame rit­ual? For me, I had to have my wrists taped exactly four times.
A: I throw up before every game. It just hap­pens and my team­mates always laugh at me about it.

Q: One last ques­tion: Where do you see your­self in, say, three years?A: Playing in the NFL and being a con­trib­u­tor, if not a starter.

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